Camera Equipment Bundle

All you need captured.

Get up and running with the Reconstruct 360 capture bundle.

Get Your Bundle Set Up

Set up checklist:

1. Download App: iPhone | Android

2. Follow instructional video and or follow the following steps:



Get Help with Your Bundle

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Learn about the Reconstruct 360 capture bundle

The bundle includes: 

  • Case
  • Shipping box
  • Magnetic helmet mount
  • Selfie stick
  • Smartphone mount
  • Charging cord
  • Battery pack
  • Stickers
  • Instructions
  • Reconstruct tags
  • Reusable Reconstruct Tags for XYZ
  • Charging station
  • Memory card holder 
  • Hard drive 
  • Portable light 
  • Waterproof notepad/sticky notes 
  • Magnetic keychain tape measure
  • Camera lens cleaner 

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