3D Site Survey and Remote Quality Control for Multi-Site Development Teams

You’ve got many facilities to re-image, renovate, and build from the ground up. Reconstruct is a 3D site survey platform that increases your store development team’s capacity by enabling remote progress monitoring and quality control.

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Remote Quality Control – easier than you think

One person with a 360 camera can capture a site in 30 minutes or less. Reconstruct will automatically generate 2D floor maps and 3D walkable models for your team to access all in one platform.

Measure and Assess

Reconstruct models are walkable, measurable to the half-inch, and viewable in 2D and 3D. 

Mark Issues by Location

Tour your 3D site remotely, mark issues, and produce digital punch lists.

Monitor Progress As a Team

Now that it’s simple to capture your sites, your development team, design team and contractors can coordinate from shared models anytime and anywhere.

Enhance Weekly Meetings

Start out each weekly meeting on the same page so you can collaborate and reach decisions more quickly.

Improve Reports

Use your site models and markups on a weekly basis to report on visible progress and reduce paperwork.

Benefit from Full Visibility

Reduce Rework

Catch mistakes before they become rework when you align your Reconstruct model to your design plans.

Save Time on Travel

Reconstruct customers save 50% on travel time and costs because now they can log in to their sites.

Create As-builts Quickly

Put away the tape measures. Simply walk your site and Reconstruct will produce a measurable 2D floor map.

Replace Weekly Reports

Cut hours in reporting time by adding notes directly in Reconstruct, turning your reports into digital site walks.

Make Decisions Immediately

Don’t lose any time tracking down details. Get the whole team together in your Reconstruct model and have every conversation as if you’re on site.

Time Travel & X-Ray Vision

Look back in time, look underground, and see through walls with Reconstruct’s record of your construction progress.

Get the Whole Team On Board with Reconstruct University

Reconstruct University is a set of playbooks for bringing your team together to enhance your progress monitoring workflows with reality capture and collaboration around reality models of your sites.

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