Insta360 X2 Setup Tutorial

 We know you are in a hurry to start your capture, but you will need to go through a quick and painless device setup process to get the easiest and best capture experience!

You wouldn’t build something without first reading the construction plans…well you could, but have fun explaining to your client you made an error because you didn’t read the plans before.

Step 1 – Equipment Check

  • 360 camera – 100% charged 
  • Smartphone
  • Camera Mounting Options (What works best for you!) 
    • Selfie sticks/gimbals 
    • Hard hat mount


Step 2 – Install Reconstruct Capture App 

Install the iPhone or Android app by scanning the QR Codes with a smartphone camera.

Step 3 – Install the 360 camera device app 

Install the app by scanning the QR Codes above with a smartphone camera.

    Step 4 – Camera Activation

    • Turn on WiFi and Bluetooth on your smartphone.
    • Press the power button to turn on your ONE X2 360 camera.
    • Open the Insta360 App, tap the camera icon at the bottom of the app homepage and select “Connect now” in the WiFi panel.
    • Then, choose your ONE X2 and follow the onscreen instructions to connect your device.

    Step 5 – Gyro Calibration (One time set up)

    The Insta360 X2 Camera has been calibrated. Nonetheless, it’s good to recalibrate for best practices. Here are the steps:

    • Press the power button to turn on your ONE X2. Swipe down to enter the Shortcut menu, swipe left to open the second page, then select Settings -> General Settings -> Gyro Calibration.
    • Follow the onscreen instructions: First drag the confirmation bar to the right 
    • Then place the camera vertically on a flat, level surface. The indicator will flash green and blue during calibration.
    • After calibration, ONE X2 will restart automatically.


      Step 6A – Camera Mounting Method Option # 1 – Camera mounted on hardhat

      • 360 cameras can be mounted directly on a hard hat using a standard GoPro mount with an additional adapter.
      • Reconstruct can also provide at an additional cost a magnetic mounting kit ( easier set up than Go Pro). 

      (Mounting camera instructions links for each type)

        Step 6B – Selfie Sticks or Gimbles Option # 2 

        Steps for best selfie stick captures:

        • Pull-on the selfie stick handle and top to the telescope and elongate the selfie stick
        • If the stick has a magnet in lew of screw-in attachment. Place the magnetic mount and camera in the center of the metal disk attached to the top of the selfie stick.
        • During capture, place the camera above your head. You may also use the selfie stick to extend outward for hard-to-reach places.
        • When the capture is complete, remove the mount and camera, and store it in a protective case.

          General Notes 

          • Every time you remove the battery from your camera, you should connect the camera to your smartphone or tablet to make sure that it has the correct date. 
          • While the camera is recording, the indicator light will be flashing. Keep an eye out for the flashing light while recording to be aware of any camera mishaps ( e.g. out of battery). 
          • Make sure the camera is set to “Video” and that video mode is set to “Standard”. DO NOT use the “Bullet” Time.

            Congrats on completing the setup! You are almost ready for your first capture, but first, plan your path of capture to maximize results!  [Link to planning capture path]

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