Planning Your Capture Path

Planning a capture path is essential to getting a complete 3D site model. Failing a clear path results in incomplete models, which leads to poor quality control reports.

It’s like planning to go to the beach in the summer without sunscreen. You will have fun at the beach, but feel the sunburn after leaving! Don’t get burned; plan!

Step 1 – Define the size of the project for the right capture time:

  • You can cover 15,000 sf in 10 minutes.
  • If the floor plan is larger than 15,000 sf, then you should consider splitting the capture into multiple videos. 

Step 2 – Review the floor plan for the best capture path.

This should include noting: 

  • Starting point and end point should be the same. 
  • Adequate lighting in areas being captured
  • Spending more time in large spaces
  • Removing obstacles or walking around them 
  • Include redundancy in your path

Step 3 – Make note of the following areas you will need to walk slowly on the project: 

  • Dark areas
  • Around corners 
  • Narrow spaces

    Step 4 – Ready to Capture!

    Once Steps 1,2,3 are clear your ready to take take you first capture! Here is an example of a good capture path ( in green) and a bad capture path (in yellow).

    It’s going to turn out great!

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