360 Camera

Capture Tutorial


Step 1 – Turn on the camera 

  • The indicator light should come on (Check that the battery is 100% before going on the capture for the best capture and experience).

Step 2 – Open Capture App on mobile device 

    Step 3 – Select the project you want to take the capture

      Step 4 – Select the drawing for the location of your capture and select capture from the bottom menu of in Capture app

        Step 5 – Connect your mobile device to the wifi network of your 360 camera & select a start point for your capture on the drawing (starting pin)

          Step 6 – Calibrate your path by following on-screen instructions. Walk 10-15 feet and set the second pin to verify your location.

            Step 7 – To Stop your Hyperlapse capture, click on Finish Capture.

              Step 8 – Next, click on the “Finish and Upload to Data Manager” button. 

              Your capture is complete! Great job!

                Tips and Tricks 

                Walking Best Practices 

                • During the capture you can put the smartphone device in your vest or shirt pocket for a more convenient experience. 
                • Walk slowly( count 1,2,3…capture, and start again 1,2,3 capture)and slower in the darker rooms. 
                • The camera can be extended out in hard-to-reach places at different angles (floor work, above the ceiling, below surfaces, etc.).
                • Steady hands are required as shakiness will cause blurry captures. 


                Objects in the middle of the room. 

                • Capture overlap will be required. You need to go around one way and backtrack the other way – not walking the same path.


                Thresholds and Doorways (Steps look scary but it’s easier thank you think!)

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