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How to Manage Projects from Anywhere in the World

How to Manage Projects from Anywhere in the World

Construction teams are scattered across different locations– in different cities, states, or countries around the world. Whether your project is across the ocean or on the other side of town, you need to be able to monitor progress of your project. Because of remote construction monitoring, project stakeholders and decision makers no longer need to travel thousands of miles to manage their projects successfully. Complex construction projects can be managed remotely from anywhere in the world using Reconstruct.

How to Make Mission-Critical Decisions Remotely

How to Make Mission-Critical Decisions Remotely

Construction companies are facing an unprecedented time where remote monitoring solutions are crucial. Consequently, teams are forced to adjust to making mission-critical decisions without having “boots on the ground.” In this webinar, Reconstruct’s CTO and Co-Founder Mani Golparvar and Walbridge’s Director of Innovation will talk about how construction teams can quickly adjust and make mission-critical decisions remotely using Reconstruct.

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