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360 Camera
Capture Tutorial

Creating a proper capture creates a better & crisp 3D model, which will make your project stakeholders happy when they view reports and meetings!

It’s no different than if you took a bad selfie with friends or a bad family photo; they would not be happy with the end product, and neither would you!

360 step1
360 step2
360 step3
360 step4
360 step5
360 step6
360 step7
360 step8

Best Practices and Capture Tutorials

Tip Description Graphics

Walk Fast (bad)

Walk Slow (good)

Blurry Photo

Clear Photo


Low Light

Good Light

Dark Photo

Good Contrast Photo


Going too fast.

Move slow around corners, doorways to prevent point clouds splitting, changing light conditions.

Show broken reconstruction or discontinuity.

Show image sequence through a doorway around a corner. Top down capture path with donuts.



Walk too close

Walk good distance 3 ft and 6 ft 

Distorted tall wall

Good wall reconstruction


Long time in large space (lawn mower)

Short time in large space (in / out) 

Good ortho.

Distorted ortho.


Obstacles in the way 

Circumnavigate – Walk around objects (Obstacles removed)

Ortho with space missing behind an object

Ortho with complete ortho and capture path around object 

(Overhead / Ceiling)

Poor coverage

Multiple heights for tall

Point cloud with one capture level  

Dense point cloud with multiple levels 



No redundancy 

Floor plan with redundancy

Floor plan w/o

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