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Automatically Create 2D and 3D As-Built Models with Reconstruct

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Overview of Reconstruct As-Built Documentation Process

This process outlines how to use an initial capture of your project site for us as as-built documentation. Benefits of this process:

  • Create as-built documentation, measurable in both 2D (floor map) and 3D (walkable model).
  • Review and measure key areas to ensure fit of site to design intent.
  • Leverage 2D Reconstruct model to produce floor plans.
  • Project starting point – all future captures will automatically align to your initial capture.

Personas Involved:

  • Construction Project Manager
  • Design Manager
  • General Contractor

Eric Jansen


Eric is a Customer Success Manager at Reconstruct. He is also a former construction project manager in NYC.

Steps and Results in As-Built Documentation Process

Step 1 – Capture Reality (and Reconstruct will create your model)

a. General Contractor captures the project site with 360 camera (takes 30 minutes or less).
b. Reconstruct platform produces a Reconstruct model from capture. You can view and share your models within a few hours.

The resulting Reconstruct model will consist of a 2D reality map and a 3D reality model that can be walked measured and annotated.

The below examples are all produced from a single, 10 minute site capture:

2D Reality Map produced from walking site. (walking path in blue donuts).

2D Reality Map

Indoor 3D Model – high-def, walkable, measureable.

Indoor 3D As Built Capture

Outdoor 3D Model – high-def, walkable, measureable.

Outdoor 3D As Built Capture



Step 2 – Share and Comment

Invite all stakeholders to access your models on the Reconstruct platform. Your team will be able to:

  • Walk the site, measure key elements, and place comments by location.
  • Perform a digital walk-through of your model and comments with leadership prior to project start.
  • Take future captures and they will be aligned to the original capture.



Looking for Help?

Visit the Help Center or get in touch with the Customer Success Team.