Store Development Efficiency: 3D Site Survey Workflows for Facility Assessment and Renovations

June 28, 2022 – 2:30 ET

You’ve got many facilities to re-image, renovate, and build from the ground up. Reconstruct is a 3D site survey platform that increases your store development team’s capacity by enabling remote progress monitoring and quality control.

Join us as we walk through real-life customer use cases of some of our most popular workflows, which include: site surveying, capturing as-built, and facility management.

What used to take days can now be done in hours. In just 30 minutes you’ll learn how Reconstruct allows your team to shorten store development time and effort.



Mega Reality Capture for 680,000 sq. ft As-Built Creation

A 60 year old, 680,000 sqft warehouse and office space at the Denver Federal Center needed to undergo an over prospectus for a pending alteration of Fire Life Safety repairs. Only “frankendrawings” existed, so a scan-to-BIM project needed to happen to adequately plan this fire safety update.

The problem was time: laser scanning would take 6 weeks!

Procon Consulting asked: Is there a cost-effective solution that provides measurability in only one-weeks time?

Learn how Procon and Reconstruct collaborated to deliver a 680,000 sqft measurable reality model in only one week and at a fraction of the cost of LIDAR scanning.


Remote Quality Control for Multi-Site Development Teams

Multi-Site Development Teams responsible for re-imaging and renovating 10s to 100s of stores per year are facing challenges:

  • Managing many disbursed development sites with a small centralized development team.
  • Lack of visibility on progress and quality of construction
  • Uncertainty around adherence to brand standards
  • Inconsistent process for project sign off and handover

Please join us for a live training session on using the Reconstruct Remote Quality Control Process. This process, combined with the Reconstruct platform, enables small, centralized teams to collaboratively monitor progress and quality remotely.

Reality Modeling: Practical Stories from the Field

You’ve heard the terms: Reality Capture, Digital Twin, Site Reality, etc…. Big, tech-y words.

But have you been introduced to the daily, practical enhancements of being able to log in to your project site and see it, as is, from anywhere?

  • Capturing a site is easier than you think
  • Capturing progress and keeping your model up to date is simple and cost-effective
  • Everyone on your team can learn to navigate the model
  • Collaborating around the model will fit well into your workflows

Mani Golparvar (Reconstruct), Cindy Baldwin (VDCO Tech), Amir Hamaoui (Reconstruct), and Henrik Ljungberg (Skanska) discuss the construction applications of a digital-twin project controls system that:

a) brings visibility to project stakeholders and improves understanding of how construction performance can be captured, communicated, and analyzed in form of a production system;

b) predicts the reliability of the project schedules, supports root-cause assessment on plan failure;

c) facilitates information flows; and

d) decentralizes decision-making.

Case studies with measurable ROI are shared and the benefit of this system to enable learning from project to project as the basis of improving design and planning will be discussed in detail.

Best Practices for Creating and Managing 4D Digital Twins for Project Planning and Controls

Best Practices for Creating and Managing 4D Digital Twins for Project Planning and Controls

4D BIM is the process of intelligently linking a 3D model with schedule-related project information. When 4D BIM is enhanced with reality during the construction phase, owners and contractors are able to reduce rework and eliminate waste, gain efficiencies through improved coordination, reduce overall costs, and drive ROI through enhanced visibility of “what is there” vs. “what should be there.” This webinar features a panel discussion between Mani Golparvar and two gurus from the world of scheduling and project controls — Mark Jenkins, Product Director at Oracle Construction and Engineering Global Business Unit and Amir Hamaoui, Director of Customer Operations at Reconstruct.

How Skanska Improves Efficiency on Megaprojects Using Connected Data

How Skanska Improves Efficiency on Megaprojects Using Connected Data

Skanska is at the forefront of implementing connected workflows on their megaprojects, resulting in improved efficiency, quality and safety. The $200 million Citygate Project — the tallest office building in the Nordic Region, is a compelling example of how Skanska effectively manages megaprojects, monitors quality and mitigates risk. In this webinar, Amir Hamaoui, Director of Customer Operations at Reconstruct moderates a discussion with Henrik Ljungberg, Digital Innovation Manager at Skanska and Anna Lazar, Strategic Alliances and Partnerships at Autodesk regarding the importance and benefits of connected data.

Demystifying Reality Capture: How To Choose The Right Approach For Your Project


建設プロジェクトの成功を確実にするために、どのようにリアリティキャプチャを使用できますか?このウェビナーでは、ReconstructのCTO兼共同創設者であるMani Golparvarが、WalbridgeのイノベーションディレクターであるJohn Jurewiczと、ゼネラルモーターズのRealityCaptureのスーパーバイザーであるJohnBrownにインタビューします。このウェビナーでは、プロジェクトとユースケースに基づいて、さまざまなリアリティキャプチャタイプをいつ使用するかについて詳しく説明します。

Best-in-Class Management of Multi-Site Remodels and New Construction


マルチサイトのFortune1000企業は、ReconstructのHyperlapseを使用して、アイドル時間をなくし、手作業を減らし、プロジェクトをこれまでになく迅速に進めています。 ReconstructのカスタマーオペレーションディレクターであるAmirHamaouiは、Hyperlapseの場合のように、改修と建設がこれほど速く、簡単で、包括的であったことはかつてないことを共有しています。

Five Innovative Ways Construction Professionals Mitigate Risk & Deliver On Time and On Budget


Construction Industry Instituteの調査によると、実績のある建設技術ソリューションを採用することで、生産性を最大45%向上させることができます。リモート品質管理および進捗管理ソリューションを採用している建設所有者は、プロジェクトを予定どおりに予算内で提供し、リスクを軽減し、移動時間とコストを50〜100%節約しています。同じメリットは、高等教育から病院、高速道路など、さまざまなプロジェクトタイプで見られます。

Three Best Practices in Remote Quality Control for Construction Executives


建設チームと意思決定者は、プロジェクトの予定どおりの完了を50%以上改善するために、リモート品質管理とリモート進捗管理に目を向けています。 ReconstructのMani GolparvarとSTURCTR アドバイザーのKyle Jacocksが、時間とコストを節約し、やり直しを防ぎ、プロジェクトの遅延を回避するためのリモート品質管理の一番最善な習慣について話し合います。

Construction Progress Monitoring Today & Tomorrow: Building the Oracle Innovation Lab Using Reconstruct


シカゴのOracleInnovation Labは、エンジニアリングと建設のための最新の最先端テクノロジーを備えたシミュレートされた作業現場です。オラクルは、企業の建設所有者として、建設段階で所有者や請負業者に影響を与える典型的な課題のいくつかに積極的に対処したいと考えていました。プロジェクトを正常かつ時間どおりに完了するために、オラクルは建設管理に新しいアプローチを採用しながら、いくつかのソリューションとベストプラクティスを実装しました。

Capitalizing on Remote Monitoring for Quality Control in Corporate Construction


Fortune 500企業の建設チームと意思決定者は、プロジェクトをリモートで管理しながら、品質と納期を延ばしています。

このウェビナーでは、ReconstructのカスタマーオペレーションディレクターであるAmir Hamaouiが、企業の建設プロジェクトでリモート進捗監視を利用するための業界のベストプラクティスについて説明します。

2021 Strategies: Three Secrets of Successful Corporate Construction Executives



このウェビナーでは、Reconstructは、複数の課題の中で真に成功したストーリーの1つを取り上げています。 VDCOTechの社長であるCindyBaldwinとReconstructのCTO兼共同創設者であるManiGolparvarは、10億ドル規模のグレーターフォートローダーデールコンベンションセンターとホテルプロジェクトを成功裏に管理するために使用される重要な戦略を共有します。


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