2023 Predictions: The Future of The Construction Technology Industry

2022 is coming to a close – and wow – what a year!

 With all the changes 2022 brought, it’s made a lot of us wonder what could 2023 possibly bring for the construction & construction technology space.

Join Mani (CTO of Reconstruct) and Steve (Senior Director at Dodge Data & Analytics) as they discuss the major topics of 2022 that are fueling their predictions for 2023.

This fireside chat is interactive, so join us and bring your questions!


4D Project Controls Playbook

In this webinar, you will learn how Reconstruct brings together 4D BIM + Reality insights to give you collaborative, proactive control over your construction progress and schedule. To bring 4D project controls to life, Cindy Baldwin from VDCO Tech will recap how their team brings 4D BIM + Reality to the management of the Broward County Convention Center and Hotel project.

What is Reconstruct? Reconstruct brings together all forms of reality capture and produces a 2D and 3D reality map that your on site and off site team can walk through 24/7. You can also bring in drawings and BIM and your project schedule and view them all overlaid with reality so you can fully understand what is there versus what should be there.

Reality-based As-built for Monitoring Construction Sites & Existing Physical Assets

Description: Photogrammetry. Laser Scanning. Reality Capture… do these words make your head spin? Or maybe they excite you? Either way, we have you covered.

Join Steve Smith from Nemetschek and Mani Golparvar-Fard from Reconstruct at an educational fireside chat discussing reality capture, photogrammetry, and laser scanning and how it relates to Reconstruct and the recent capture of Nemetschek House.

ABCs of College Campus Construction

Description: Let’s head back to school with our ABCs of College Campus Construction webinar. Join Nick Cundari, a Customer Success Manager at Reconstruct as we walk through 3 ways your campus projects can be helped by Reconstruct.

What are the ABCs of college campus construction?
Always have an As-built: Spend X minutes walking your site every week and maintain a time series digital twin. Look back in time, through walls, and underground.
Bringing Design Back to Reality: Using 3D BIM, you can overlay your captures to see what is there versus what should be there. This allows for streamlined progress tracking and quality control.Document the site’s as-built conditions for matching design intent.
Collaboration: Reconstruct allows for every stakeholder in the project to see progress and identify and mitigate areas of risk delay, keeping projects on schedule and on budget.

*ICSC website cost is $25 for non-ICSC members. Please email mktg@reconstructinc.com to be registered for free.*

Multi-Site Remote Quality Control:

400 Stores in 4 Months

Hosted by ICSC

Hear how Reconstruct uses its 3D site survey platform to empower retail development teams and their fixture contractors to walk every site virtually, review punch lists, take measurements and collaborate to fix issues remotely.  

Participants will:  

  • Learn how to review case studies: project overview, challenges, and solutions 
  • Learn the workflows that drive ROI 
  • Tour a 3D site survey 

Amir Hamaoui, Director of Customer Operations, Reconstruct


Reconstruct Workflows for Higher Education: Campus Construction QA & Remote Visibility


Join us to learn our top workflows for campus construction.

Find out how Higher Education Development Teams Use Reconstruct for increased visibility and remote monitoring of their construction sites for campus development and renovations.


Case Study Webinar: ESI Group USA Saves Travel Time and Rework Costs with Reconstruct

ESI Group USA had a 350,000 square foot facility to build for US Foods. There were many moving parts to this design-build project, and a lot of changes throughout the process to the plan.

Between changes to in-wall units and midnight concrete pouring, there was a lot that needed to be observed remotely by management.

Join William Eveland from ESI Group USA as he walks us through his team’s recent project on US Foods, and how Reconstruct helped save time and rework costs.


Monitor Construction Progress in 3D: Time and Cost Saving Workflows You Need to Know

Save time, catch mistakes, and reduce travel needs with Reconstruct’s Top 3 3D Reality Workflows for Construction.

Join us for a 30 minute webinar as we walk through some of our most successful construction workflows and live project examples:

CREATE 2D AND 3D AS-BUILT MODELS Capture your existing structures with drone and/or 360° camera to create measurable models in one day.

COMMUNICATE PROGRESS IN 3D Remove communication barriers between site and office. Knock out progress reporting with digital site walks.

NEXT LEVEL QUALITY MONITORING Catch mistakes before they become significant rework. On-site and remote teams can review quality with drawing and BIM overlay.


Store Development Efficiency: 3D Site Survey Workflows for Facility Assessment and Renovations

You’ve got many facilities to re-image, renovate, and build from the ground up. Reconstruct is a 3D site survey platform that increases your store development team’s capacity by enabling remote progress monitoring and quality control.

Join us as we walk through real-life customer use cases of some of our most popular workflows, which include: site surveying, capturing as-built, and facility management.

What used to take days can now be done in hours. In just 30 minutes you’ll learn how Reconstruct allows your team to shorten store development time and effort.


Mega Reality Capture for 680,000 sq. ft As-Built Creation

A 60 year old, 680,000 sqft warehouse and office space at the Denver Federal Center needed to undergo an over prospectus for a pending alteration of Fire Life Safety repairs. Only “frankendrawings” existed, so a scan-to-BIM project needed to happen to adequately plan this fire safety update.

The problem was time: laser scanning would take 6 weeks!

Procon Consulting asked: Is there a cost-effective solution that provides measurability in only one-weeks time?

Learn how Procon and Reconstruct collaborated to deliver a 680,000 sqft measurable reality model in only one week and at a fraction of the cost of LIDAR scanning.


Remote Quality Control for Multi-Site Development Teams

Multi-Site Development Teams responsible for re-imaging and renovating 10s to 100s of stores per year are facing challenges:

  • Managing many disbursed development sites with a small centralized development team.
  • Lack of visibility on progress and quality of construction
  • Uncertainty around adherence to brand standards
  • Inconsistent process for project sign off and handover

Please join us for a live training session on using the Reconstruct Remote Quality Control Process. This process, combined with the Reconstruct platform, enables small, centralized teams to collaboratively monitor progress and quality remotely.

Reality Modeling: Practical Stories from the Field

You’ve heard the terms: Reality Capture, Digital Twin, Site Reality, etc…. Big, tech-y words.

But have you been introduced to the daily, practical enhancements of being able to log in to your project site and see it, as is, from anywhere?

  • Capturing a site is easier than you think
  • Capturing progress and keeping your model up to date is simple and cost-effective
  • Everyone on your team can learn to navigate the model
  • Collaborating around the model will fit well into your workflows

Mani Golparvar (Reconstruct), Cindy Baldwin (VDCO Tech), Amir Hamaoui (Reconstruct), and Henrik Ljungberg (Skanska) discuss the construction applications of a digital-twin project controls system that:

a) brings visibility to project stakeholders and improves understanding of how construction performance can be captured, communicated, and analyzed in form of a production system;

b) predicts the reliability of the project schedules, supports root-cause assessment on plan failure;

c) facilitates information flows; and

d) decentralizes decision-making.

Case studies with measurable ROI are shared and the benefit of this system to enable learning from project to project as the basis of improving design and planning will be discussed in detail.

How to Manage Projects from Anywhere in the World



How to Make Mission-Critical Decisions Remotely


建設会社は、リモート監視ソリューションが重要である前例のない時代に直面しています。その結果、チームは「現場での起動」を行わずに、ミッションクリティカルな意思決定に順応することを余儀なくされます。このウェビナーでは、ReconstructのCTO兼共同創設者のMani GolparvarとWalbridgeのイノベーションディレクターが、Reconstructを使用して建設チームがミッションクリティカルな意思決定をリモートで迅速に調整および実行する方法について説明します。


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