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SOC 2 Compliance Security & 3rd-Party Integration Capabilities

Reconstruct and its partners are committed to keeping your data secure.

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User authentication is performed over HTTPS. Passwords are salted and hashed and never stored in plain text format. Users may also enable multi-factor authentication and use SAML 2 based single sign-on through a linked Autodesk, Procore, or Oracle Aconex account.

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Data is encrypted in flight via SSL/TLS with 2048-bit keys, and at rest with AES 256 encryption.

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Vulnerability Detection

Server traffic and logs are monitored for suspicious anomalies. Additionally, an independent third party runs automated vulnerability detection continuously to detect new risks.

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Antivirus & OS Security Patching

All servers are equipped with antivirus software, and operating systems are updated weekly.

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Change Control Management

All code changes are audited and approved before being merged. New releases are approved before deployment, and full changesets are logged.

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Penetration Testing

Reconstruct conducts annual penetration testing of our network and applications, both on web and mobile. 

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Access and Activity Logging

User login events and other actions are tracked in our database. Server and network logs are also monitored and retained for 30 days before long-term archive.

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