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From new terminal construction to runway renovation to rapidly updating concessions, Reconstruct offers airport construction stakeholders unprecedented remote visibility into their job sites. Easily create 2D floor plans and 3D digital twins of decades-old construction, empower remote progress monitoring, and create an archive of your airport as it changes over time.

How It Works

digital twin for construction site

Use virtually any device, including a smartphone or 360 camera, to capture your airport as built. Any person on site can perform reality capture.

Transforming reality capture data into 2D floor plan and 3D digital model

Sit back as Reconstruct transforms reality data into a 2D floor plan and a 3D digital model of your runway or hangar.

visualizing next steps on construction site

Use this digital twin to compare what's been built against what's been designed, visualize next steps in construction, and act on problems immediately.

physical asset inspection

During and after construction, rely on reality archives to streamline maintenance, better prepare for renovations, answer questions, and protect against liability.

oracle 2d floorplan generated from reality mapping technology

Measure every inch of your airport, as built.

Only Reconstruct allows you to use devices as simple as a smartphone or 360 camera to capture footage of your job site and transform that data into measurable 2D floor plans and 3D digital twins of your airport. Reconstruct’s Visual Command Center offers a totally immersive visualization of any structure, allowing even remote stakeholders to perform thorough, on-demand walkthroughs and virtual inspections.

These visuals optimize virtually every aspect of construction and operations, helping you complete projects sooner with fewer resources, distractions, and delays.
oracle 2d floorplan generated from reality mapping technology
dallas fort worth airport overlay bim against reality data

Ensure faster, less disruptive airport construction.

When it comes to airport construction, speed, safety, and lack of customer disruption are of utmost importance. With Reconstruct’s progress monitoring tools, airports can protect the traveler experience while reducing the frequency of in-person inspections, walkthroughs, and site surveys.

What's more, Reconstruct allows you to overlay design and BIM against reality data, helping you identify issues on the job site without stepping foot in the terminal. Rapidly address these issues using Reconstruct’s in-app collaborative tools to avoid delays and costly rework.

Dallas Fort Worth Airport reality capture

Retain a timestamped archive of your airport construction.

As you modernize, renovate, and add to your airport, Reconstruct automatically organizes new reality capture data where it belongs in space and over time. Without ever uploading a floor plan or design drawing, you'll enjoy precise measurable, and accurate 2D and 3D models of your airport as built today and as captured in the past.

These online as-builts simplify daily operations and facilities maintenance, streamline inspections, assist with future upgrades and renovations, help you quickly answer tenants' questions, and even allow you to turn back time to see through walls, avoid costly demolition, and protect against liability claims.
Dallas Fort Worth Airport reality capture

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Meet the companies that trust Reconstruct.

John Jurewicz

John Jurewicz

General Manager

"Our initial value gain in using Reconstruct was making it more efficient to track work put in place, with the ability to gain direct insight into the cause of delay. We then also saw value in claim dispute and resolution. The integrations with lookahead planning improve communication between trades and show more transparently progress for leaders."


Burcin Kaplanoglu

Executive Director, Innovation Officer at Oracle Construction and Engineering

"The integration with Reconstruct has complemented Oracle’s platform by providing innovative and advanced progress reporting and risk management for construction projects. Since joining Oracle’s global startup program, Reconstruct has delivered significant value to our joint customers and we look forward to a long-term partnership."

Robert Trapp

Robert Trapp

BIM / VDC Manager

"Reconstruct has come up with a product that gives you a ring-side seat to the construction site even if you are miles away, letting you see progress and manage potential risk to the project."

Damon Ranieri

Damon Ranieri

Director of Virtual Design & Construction

"Leopardo uses Reconstruct as a compelling way to engage with our clients. In just the first few months of using it, we saw measurable improvements."

Zane Ardis

Zane Ardis

Project Manager

"Reconstruct helped keep us on schedule by identifying potential schedule task delays before they impact the overall schedule."

Ready to use reality capture at your airport?