The Reconstruct Remote Progress Monitoring Process


Overview of Remote Progress Monitoring

Weekly captures of the site, paired with slimmed down progress reports will allow your team to communicate:

  • Comprehensive view of the entire site and progress
  • Issues and punch lists marked by location

    Personas Involved:

    • Construction Project Manager
    • (Optional) Design Manager
    • General Contractor
    • (Optional) Leadership

    Eric Jansen


    Eric is a Customer Success Manager at Reconstruct. He is also a former construction project manager in NYC.

    Steps and Results in Remote Progress Monitoring Process

    Repeat these steps on a regular basis for the duration of your project. We recommend weekly.


    Step 1 – Capture and Update Reality Model

    The General Contractor takes a weekly capture of the site – this takes 30 minutes or less.

    Result: Reconstruct will create and align the updated model – this will only take a few hours.


    Step 2 – Share Model as Progress Report

    GC is responsible for marking known issues in Reconstruct, tagged on the issue location.

    The GC provides a weekly one page report on issues marked in Reconstruct.

    Step 3 – Review Report and Mark Issues
    The construction project manager reviews the model and report.

    The construction project manager can share with their team.

    The whole team can walk-through the site and mark additional issues, creating a discussion list or punch list.

    Additionally, the site capture can be reviewed in a video call walk-through to discuss issues with the same visual information.



    Looking for Help?

    Visit the Help Center or get in touch with the Customer Success Team.