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Using Reconstruct for Inspections

Understand how using Reconstruct for inspections can add value to your project by reducing time on site and manual reporting.

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Using Reconstruct with traditional building or job site inspection adds value by providing a complete 360-degree view that can be measured, annotated, shared remotely, and later verified against complete proper, and timely improvements
and repairs. Reconstruct reduces time on site and manual reporting. So inspectors can focus on the complete and accurate inspections. Yeah, the process is simple. A special inspector can take a 360 capture during an inspection, or anyone can go out in advance of a certified inspector to capture more job sites to be assessed remotely for prioritization. Reconstruct provides a digital replica of a building that tracks building data throughout the life of the structure. Using Reconstruct's capture app and online viewer. Inspectors can assess for five types of defects, cracks, spaw exposure, bar fluorescence, and corrosion. Along with the grade of severity. They can photograph the complete job site for recorded compliance and take close-up photos of specific issues. Back at the office. They may review and continue to cite missed issues while thoroughly documenting building requirements for official inspection reports to be submitted to the appropriate city, county, or state. Want to see your job site in Reconstruct? Schedule a personalized demo today.

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