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Using Reconstruct for Multi-Site Development

Learn how Reconstruct can assist with site and facility assessment for multi-site development.

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Reconstruct is the perfect solution for multi store development. Large international companies are able to capture thousands of sites and locations easily, quickly inexpensively and with a high degree of quality and then remotely access for facility assessment, tenant improvement and new store development.

The process is simple with the smartphone, the reconstructed capture app and a 360 camera. Anyone can go out to a store and capture the complete interior and exterior from all angles in a matter of minutes, whether they be project managers, regional managers, inspectors, finishing teams, general contractors or even interns. All they need to do is walk the site and everything will be uploaded to reconstruct and deliver to anyone invited to the project.

The first case is site facility assessment, whether a company is exploring new site locations for development or current properties to comprehensively assess and record what's there to compare to existing designs and drawings, create as built models or develop new designs from existing conditions.

The second use case is for tenant improvement, whether replacing signage, updating furnishings or equipment or implementing an update to store design. The on site team can capture before
during and after to monitor progress, remotely, communicate issues in real time with off site teams
such as owners, contractors, design teams and executive management.

The third case is for new store development, whether it's ground up construction or a new flagship store or concept, new store development with reconstruct captures every part of the process so that it can be shared with all stakeholders across the company to achieve maximum transparency, collaboration and value.

Remember that reconstruct is easy, fast and measurable. You are able to compare against existing plans both for indoors to ensure the best customer experience and outdoors to ensure speedy service at expanded efficient drive through.
It's an inexpensive solution that can be broadly implemented across an enterprise for optimization, standardization and awareness reconstruct for the best multi store development.

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