Remote Progress Monitoring for Commercial Developers

As a commercial developer, you know that staying on top of project progress, anticipating risks, and delivering on time and on budget is a constant challenge. Reconstruct helps developers like you gain better visibility into your projects so that you can collaborate and problem-solve with all project stakeholders even when remote.
construction of retail and office buildings

Office / Retail

Making better decisions on Nordic Region’s tallest office building

institutional and educational construction


Monitoring educational institution construction remotely

construction project management for industrial projects and data centers


Boosting coordination and quality on distribution centers/industrial parks

Manage projects remotely.
Mitigate risk.
Make better decisions.

“Reconstruct allowed our project team to convey to our stakeholders the real-time project progress in a way that could only be matched by being present onsite. This was a crucial attribute while constructing in the midst of a pandemic whereby an onsite presence wasn’t viable for many affiliated parties. Reconstruct enabled all team members to feel a connectedness to the project despite being limited by social distancing and other public health safety restrictions.”


customer testimonial from Brian Parker of Vermilion Development

Brian Parker
Director of Construction
Vermilion Development

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reduction in travel time and cost


improvement in on-time completion


reduction in time spent in OAC and coordination meetings

Reconstruct remotely shows you what is there vs. what should be there

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