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Reconstruct Pricing

Whether there’s one project in your pipeline or hundreds, Reconstruct can change how you visualize your job site, monitor construction progress, and collaborate with other construction stakeholders—both on-site and off.

Whether you’re building an airport or
a quick-serve restaurant, we’re here to help. 

From surgery center to college library, Reconstruct brings the project site to decision-makers, wherever they may be.
increase visibility


Increase Visibility

Help teams make better, more informed decisions

Enable swifter, more effective collaboration between teams 

Unlock access to more complete survey records 

Maintain accessible, historical records of a project 

enhance measurability


Enhance Measurability

Improve adherence to construction schedules 

Maximize accuracy with digital floor plans 

Improve adherence to sequence 

Boost quality control processes 

optimize efficiency


Optimize Efficiency

Unify siloed data in one place 

Increase speed and accuracy tied to surveys and as-builts 

Allow teams to manage punch list tasks centrally 

Enhance collaboration and decision making 

reality capture costs


Decrease Costs

Increase likelihood of on-time completion

Improve product delivery and capacity

Reduce frequency of travel to job sites

Limit reality capture costs for equipment and personnel 

"Leopardo uses Reconstruct as a compelling way to engage with our clients. In just the first few months of using it, we saw measurable improvements."

Damon Ranieri

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